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The primary advantage to the Iron Ghost platform is the industry exclusive dual arm system. Traditional aiming uses a string mounted peep to provide the rear reference point for the archer, relying heavily on muscle memory and precise placement of a combination of human factors to get consistent shots. Dual arm aiming uses an adjustable built in rear sight, much like an iron sight on a rifle, to provide the rear point of reference. This removes most if not all the positioning factors that contribute to bad aiming and results in poor shot placement. The dual arm system is far more forgiving, repeatable and less reliant on anchor placement allowing you to focus on shooting your target quickly and consistently.



Removable Front Ring 

Because of the patent pending dual arm technology from Iron Ghost, a front sight or objective ring is no longer required. This allows for greater field of view, lighter weight, and less clutter during the aiming process. 


Yardage Tape Cartridge (YTC) Technology

Like all single pin sights, the Iron Ghost platform relies on yardage tapes to indicate to the shooter the adjustment of their bow. Unlike other systems in use, Iron Ghost uses our Patent pending YTC to conveniently and efficiently indicate yardages to the shooter. Containing 100 different tapes, the YTC lets you find the tape you need fast using a handy built in calibrator. Should you adjust your bow or change something that would change your arrow speed, switch from field points to broad heads for example, switching tapes takes less than 1 minute. If you wanted to switch back, you have all the tapes you need right at the turn of a key.

Micro-click Windage Adjustment 

Micro click adjustment makes adjusting windage simple, precise and fast. Whether during the coarse initial sighting in procedure or fine adjustments in the field, archers can feel confident that their results are repeatable and precise.